An alliance of like-minded industry veterans creating Games and Interactive media fully on-chain!

Fueled by passion projects, love for the decentralized future and longevity, we aim to create unique experiences that can only be delivered with a Blockchain infrastructure.

Our Goals

We have set out to improve the NFT and Crypto industry by delivering solid projects based on a couple of key principles.


All projects are minted on-chain, mainly using the Ethereum blockchain, arweave for permanent storage and Etherscan for application API.

Competitive projects

Because of Founders with over 10 years of experience in the Game and Entertainment industry, we set out to deliver solid interactive experiences on Blockchain infrastructure.

Full ownership priority

All Games/Applications are signed with the token and require ownership of the token in order to work. In combination with the full on-chain stack, sole ownership of is certain.

Pushing the limits

With constant implementations of new idea's and innovations, we keep pushing the limits of what is possible within the realm of Application ownsership and features.


Pulsar 79 is the 'Genesis' project by Gridacity, This 70s early Arcade inspired game uses "single seed" principles tied to individual tokens. This way every application is unique with only 1 single build that is tied to the token.

Pulsar79 is the first NFT game fully hosted On-Chain.

Reveries of Ymatar

Formerly known as: "Project: Flute". 16Bit era inspired Action Adventure game with 10.000 unique games! Currently mintable on Gridacity Arcade

Gridacity Arcade

Portal for all Gridacity Games. View and download your tokens, or use te shop during sales to mint new games!