Gridacity - Fully on-chain interactive media

Our Goals

We have set out to improve the Gaming industry by using NFT and Crypto as solutions, delivering solid projects based on a couple of key principles.

Games we like to make

All games come from passion projects chosen by the preferences of our developers. We like to give projects the right amount of time to reach our vision and don't compromise on making the best possible experiences!


All projects are minted on-chain, mainly using the Ethereum blockchain and arweave (through ArDrive) for permanent storage. Authentication is done through Gridacity::Link or Etherscan for our "Genesis" games (Pulsar79).

Competitive projects

Because of Founders with over 10 years of experience in the Game and Entertainment industry, we set out to deliver solid interactive experiences on Blockchain infrastructure, while keeping everything easily understandable and accessible for gamers who just want to play games they own forever!

Full ownership priority

All Games/Applications are signed with the token and require ownership of the token in order to work. In combination with the full on-chain stack, sole ownership of is certain.

Pushing the limits

With constant implementations of new idea's and innovations, we keep pushing the limits of what is possible within the realm of Application ownsership and permanent features.


A thousand worlds, all familiar, different, but connected. You find yourself in a closed environment with only one direction to go. It feels like you have been here before, but things are different. With only one way to go, you need to find your way out of this place. Multiple rooms with multiple obstacles, different pickups to improve along the way, only one objective. Explore your own unique version of the game, get the highest possible high score, or make it a speedrun and get the fastest time you can!

Pulsar 79 is the 'Genesis' project by Gridacity, This 70s early Arcade inspired game uses "single seed" principles tied to individual tokens. This way every application is unique with only 1 single build that is tied to the token. With an sold out collection of 1025 tokens, Pulsar79 was the first step into creation of the concept of a "Digital Game Cartdige".

Pulsar79 is the first NFT game fully hosted On-Chain.

Sold Out collection! available on OpenSea and LooksRare.

Pulsar79 Website

Reveries of Ymatar

Formerly known as: "Project: Flute". Reveries of Ymatar is a collection of 10.000 unique games. Each game has a unique experience with a one-off main character, your own colour scheme, dungeon layouts, sword and even a unique boss!

Inspired by the 16-bit era of video game history, this action adventure game is full of action, discovery and mistery. Completely constructed with hardware limitations of the early 90's in mind, Reveries of Ymatar is pushing old and new technology together to imagine an alternate world where Blockchain and Retro game consoles are intermixed. With everything from low resolution sprites, color limitations, game logic and a modern 16-bit soundtrack by the artist "Terinoa" mostly made with old game consoles and analog hardware, we aim to give the best of history and future technology.

With procedurally generating the Main Characters, Colors, Layouts, Sword, Final Boss and other components, every "Digital Game Cartridge" is unique to the player.

Reveries of Ymatar is authenticated by Gridacity::Link, a Gridacity Plugin (Currently Firefox Only) that authenticates offline games with the Ethereum blockchain through MetaMask. This way Game ownership is always guaranteed.

Currently mintable on Gridacity Arcade for 0.02ETH

Gridacity Arcade

Gridacity Arcade

Portal for all Gridacity Games. View and download your tokens, or use the shop during sales to mint new games!

Gridacity Arcade requires a compatible Wallet in order to operate (MetaMask).

Pulsar Pursuit and Gridacity Community Tokens!

A year ago on this date, Pulsar79 sold out completely, and we were enjoying a little bit of rest before starting pushing forward with the development of Gridacity Arcade and Reveries of Ymatar.

Within a year, we developed multiple infrastructures, released 2 full games stored on Ethereum and ArWeave (through ArDrive) and most of all, gathered an incredible community of like minded gamers and collectors!

To celebrate Pulsar79, we worked on something we had not done before, a Temporary game. Pulsar Pursuit was a 1 Month celebration only accessible to Pulsar79 holders. The entire high score is captured and stored on-chain on arweave. Congratulations to everyone who made the leaderboard and hope you like the experience of playing your Pulsar79 token in a different way.

But Pulsar Pursuit was not the complete story, as we have been known to do. The Top 10 scores are selected to become part of the first "Alpha" of the Gridacity Community Tokens.

The GCT's are tokens that upon first arriving in the minter's wallet, become "Soulbound" to the account. This token can be seen as an "Account" for Gridacity Arcade compatible games where your individual achievements and scores, among other planned features, are stored permanently.
The GCT's will only be obtainable at special Gridacity events of all types.
Additionaly, holders that obtain new GCTs have the opportunity to hold and sell them, since they already own a "Soulbounded" token, the token will stay "Unbound" until it gets "Claimed" on another account.

The Gridacity Community Tokens will be supported by future (smaller productions) "Challenge" games, which are meant as a platform to experiment with blockchain infrastructure, new technologies and of course, exciting new game experiences!
More utility is planned and will be added over time while infrastructure development advances.

Pulsar Pursuit (and friends), will return in the future!

To all 10 Winners, congratulations! Your token's will be available when the smartcontract goes live. (Expected: 10th of September 2022).
More information will follow on Twitter, Discord, and

To all the Pulsar79 holders that made the leaderboard, thank you for playing Pulsar Pursuit and enjoy your place in the permanent record of Gridacity!

The leaderboard will be permanently available through Gridacity Arcade, starting the next update (live in 24h).

To everyone else, why not check Pulsar79 on LooksRare and OpenSea or mint a brand new Reveries of Ymatar on Gridacity Arcade!